It's a cold way to give someone the heave-ho but it's becoming all the more common - and as 2012 gets underway it seems many people are clearing the decks and starting afresh.文章源自奇点世界-


    Here are some of the most popular texts we've seen on Twitter, but what would you send?文章源自奇点世界-


    "It's Not You It's Me."文章源自奇点世界-



    "I'm sure you've met my new girlfriend, she's been your best friend for 8 years."文章源自奇点世界-



    "My hamster just passed away, I just need some space right now."文章源自奇点世界-



    "The only thing worse than being alone, is being with you."文章源自奇点世界-



    "Have I told you lately how much I am in love with you? No? Think about it, have a great life."文章源自奇点世界-



    "My new years resolution is to get an upgrade in everything. So..."文章源自奇点世界-



    "My husband just got back from jail."文章源自奇点世界-



    "You're not Canadian. This isn't going to work out."文章源自奇点世界-



    "...So you wanna tell me about your 7 kids?"文章源自奇点世界-



    "We need to talk... "文章源自奇点世界-




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