Google Now on Chrome :Google Now将移植到Chrome PC版

    Google Now 实时信息除了在 Android 及 iOS 移动设备上,Google 也正式将加入 Chrome PC版浏览器。最近几个月之内,你的 Chrome 浏览器上就会出现可使用 Google Now 实时信息的提示,用Google Now来查天气、路况等信息了。文章源自奇点世界-

    Google 实时信息 Google Now 相信大家都不陌生了,它已内置在 Android 4.1 以上版本,也可在 iOS 版本的 Google App 见到,甚至前一段时间还大打电视广告。除了移动版本外,Google 也有计划将 Google Now 移植到 Chrome PC版浏览器。文章源自奇点世界-

    Google Now 在2014年1月率先登上 Google Chrome Canary 版本(比 Beta 和 Dev 版本更早的分支版本)进行测试,Google 也在最近宣布 Google Now 正式加入 Chrome PC版浏览器的行列,只要在 Chrome 登入 Google 账号便可使用。英文版本的使用者目前已经可使用 Google Now on Chrome,其他语言版本预计在数周内陆续更新加入 Google Now 功能。文章源自奇点世界-

     Google Now on Chrome :Google Now将移植到Chrome PC版文章源自奇点世界-

    Google Now on Chrome 功能是于作业系统通知区启动, Windows 系统是在PC右下角系统列的 Chrome 通知按钮,OS X 则是在上方出现一个铃铛造型的通知按钮;显示方式则是在浏览器右侧以卡片方式呈现实时信息。文章源自奇点世界-

    可显示的内容信息与移动版本大同小异,包含提供天气、交通地图信息,以及股票、电影、运动赛事成绩等内容。Google Now on Chrome 是透过使用者的移动设备上,作为预设地理位置,当然如果使用者的计算机位置与移动设备不符,也可自行设定,从地理位置回报和地理位置记录调整。文章源自奇点世界-

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    Your friend Steve’s flight from New York is delayed by an hour. Your favorite soccer team is up by one point with two minutes left. Your Chromecast has just shipped. If you're using Google Now, you'd already know all of that information without having to ask. Google Now already gives you the right information at the right time on Android and iOS. Starting this week, if you’re using Chrome beta, you will be able to receive your Google Now notifications via the notifications center on your Mac, Windows or Chromebook computer. To enable these notifications, simply sign in to Chrome with the same Google Account you’re using for Google Now on Android or iOS.文章源自奇点世界-

    So the next time you’re finishing up emails at your desk, Google Now might suggest that you leave the office a bit early to beat the heavy traffic on the way to your dinner date. To view the notifications, click on the bell icon on your desktop (on Mac and Windows) or the numbered box (on Chromebook) to open the Chrome notification center.文章源自奇点世界-

    To learn more about Google Now notifications in Chrome and how to configure your settings, please visit the Help Center. If you’re not already using Google Now on Android or iOS, head over here to get started. Google Now notifications in Chrome will just be available in English initially, with other languages supported soon. Let us know what you think in the comments!文章源自奇点世界-

    Update 3/24/2014: Starting today and rolling out over the next few weeks, Google Now users in all languages will be able to get these notifications in all channels of Chrome. To enable this feature, simply sign in to Chrome with the same Google Account you’re using for Google Now on Android or iOS.文章源自奇点世界-

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