iPhone/iPad有福利了,i0n1c可能有iOS 6.1.3完美越狱工具

    在苹果iPhone/iPad越狱圈已经很久没有听到i0n1c(i0n1c)的消息了。这位安全专家/黑客从 iOS 5 时代开始就已经逐渐远离越狱圈。尽管i0n1c已经不再发布 越狱工具,但是他对于越狱社区的贡献是短时间内难以抹去的。因为根据 i0n1c 本人的透露,iOS 5.x 之后的越狱所用到的个别漏洞正是他首先发现的。文章源自奇点世界-https://www.xerer.com/archives/9548.html

    因此我们才会在 iOS 5.x 之后的每一次越狱发布之时,看到 i0n1c 在 Twitter 上对新越狱工具进行各种评论。对于下一次越狱来说,目前我们最期待的自然是 iOS 6.1.3。然而在经过这几天 Unthreaded JB 宣布在开发iOS6.1.3/iOS6.1.4完美越狱被证实为假之后,原本的完美越狱期待已经变得失望。再加上 pod2gplanetbeing 等人“下一次重大升级再发布越狱”的言论,iOS 6.1.3 看起来是不会有完美越狱工具出现了。文章源自奇点世界-https://www.xerer.com/archives/9548.html

    iPhone/iPad有福利了,i0n1c可能有iOS 6.1.3完美越狱工具文章源自奇点世界-https://www.xerer.com/archives/9548.html

    i0n1c在一则 Twitter 消息上表达了另外一种说法:你想要 iOS 6.1.3 越狱吗?来参加我们的 iOS 内核漏洞开发培训班吧。i0n1c这番话表明他手中可能会有 iOS 6.1.3 的越狱工具,但你需要参加i0n1c的培训班才有可能获得。也就是说这个完美越狱工具是需要收费的。文章源自奇点世界-https://www.xerer.com/archives/9548.html



    you want an ios 6.1.3  jailbreak?Monday the early bird rate of  our ios kernel exploitation training ends:https://t.co/XdBCDB9eoC文章源自奇点世界-https://www.xerer.com/archives/9548.html

    Instructor: Stefan Esser
    Dates: 2nd-6th September 2013 (5 days)
    Venue: InterContinental Hotel Frankfurt, Germany
    Availability: 15 Seats

    After having received numerous requests to organize an iOS Security and Exploitation Workshop in Europe, we have created this brand new iOS security course that is entirely focused on the iOS kernel and its exploitation. It will take place in Frankfurt (Germany) in September, is a full 5-day course and is targetted at exploit developers that want to switch over to iOS.文章源自奇点世界-https://www.xerer.com/archives/9548.html

    We will cover the latest iOS 6 (and maybe iOS 7) kernel security features, discuss their weaknesses and you will learn how to circumvent them. Every part of the course will start with a lecture introducing you to the topic and end with hands-on excercises, where you use your newly gained knowledge to implement an attack against a real device.文章源自奇点世界-https://www.xerer.com/archives/9548.html

    Throughout the training we will work on old A4 iOS devices that allow for easier debugging and then learn how to port our attacks to new devices.文章源自奇点世界-https://www.xerer.com/archives/9548.html

    At the end of the training you should be able to exploit new vulnerabilities in iOS 6 or 7 that you discover in kernel land on your own.文章源自奇点世界-https://www.xerer.com/archives/9548.html

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